Monday, October 4, 2010

It's Time to Dress Like an Adult

    Trend I am ready to die out: Nike tempo shorts & UGG boots. True, Nike Tempo shorts are perfect for exercising and UGG boots are warm and comfortable. But not together. I’m talking to you Alpha Phi Beta Kappa Zapppa, whatever you are. UGG boots, Nike tempo shorts, T-shirt, I’m going to prom makeup, and bump it- it’s like schizophrenic fashion. 

     Make no mistake. I love makeup. I love everything about it, putting it on, looking at it, taking it off, but you’ll never see me pairing a smokey eye with a sports bra and sweatpants. Makeup is an accessory and this crazy overdone face just doesn’t go well alongside dress down attire. So take it down two notches. Most of those same girls have gorgeous skin any ways and really don’t need the makeup.

     Next, lets get to the Bump It. I get it. Not everyone can have my thick luscious flowing hair, but enough about me. Bump Its have their time and place and do a great service for everyone who needs a poof quick, fast, in a hurry, that will last all night. That time and place is not when you’re having lunch in an Applebee’s wearing running clothes. 

     I really do not understand the obsession girls have with these Tempo shorts. Because of the over use and abuse of these amazing shorts I have decided to boycott them as I don’t want to be associated with the idiots who wear them 24/7. I instead opted for some Underarmor shorts that are exactly the same, were 1/2 the price, and I wear them responsibly; when I’m exercising. Let’s not forget the fact that these girls wear these all day every day and they have built in underwear and that just seems unsanitary. 

     More disturbing is the fact that they are paired with UGG boots. If you’re going for the sporty look please leave the UGG boots out. Instead, try your UGG boots with a comfortable sweater and some skinny jeans. UGG boots and tempo shorts look as stupid together as flip flops and corduroy pants with a winter jacket; ridiculous. 

     Last December a girl asked me to turn the air down. I assessed her outfit, a t-shirt, tempo shorts, and UGG boots and promptly told her “no”. It’s December put on a coat and some pants for God sakes. If you’re dumb enough to wear that outfit you deserve to freeze and I hope you die of hypothermia so we can burn your hideous outfit. 

     This is by far the fashion trend that makes me angry in a place deep inside that makes me want to run these girls over with my car. The only thing that makes this fashion trend worse is the fact that sometimes it is accessorized with tights. Tights! How absurd do you look wearing tights with those?
Who started this trend and when will it end? Take that costume out of your repertoire and replace it with something more sophisticated, you are in college after all. 

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