Monday, October 4, 2010

It's Your World and I Just Live in It.

Remember the show “Whinnie The Pooh”? How could you forget right? Now, consider who your favorite character was. Pooh? Piglet? Tigger? Perhaps even Roo or Owl. I admit as I child I loved Tigger and Piglet. But as an adult I find myself drawn to and identifying with Rabbit. 
      Rabbit, the ornery and cranky, anal retentive kill joy. He was the fun-suck of the show, remember? I’m pretty certain that now I am Rabbit in a Hundred Acre Woods of a world. Rabbit just wanted to farm, grow his carrots, and be left to his work. However, he was constantly bombarded with his neighbors shenanigans. But Rabbit is the douche at fault, or at least that is what children are left to glean from the show. 
     There he is hard at work farming and trying to make a solid life for himself. Rabbit never fell back on the government assistance. He did not visit the WIC office or have an EBT card. He just wanted to work, that’s all And work he did until those adorable bumbling idiots came around to botch all his efforts. 
     But why is it we are supposed to love and adore the half wit lazy cuddly little chubby all stuffed with fluffy? What about Rabbit? Everyone around him is running around acting like a jerk and mucking up his achievements. Just leave him alone and give him credit for all his hard work. 
     “Sheep Brains” as a co-worker of mine describes it. People have sheep brains and boy is he correct. Worship and love the silly, funny, and adorable teddy bear but not the stick in the mud, hardworking farmer, eh?
     I work hard, every night as a cocktail waitress. It may be a “white trash job” but I do it well dammit and I do it with integrity. So why am I rewarded with one dollar tips and  a-holes puking on the floor or blowing their ass out in our bathroom all over the wall. This is real life people. Stop waking up to smell the roses. Wake up and live.
     I tell you people,” Hi I’m Rabbit and I live in the Hundred Acre Woods. Nice to meet you fools.”

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